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Reyansh Singh

I am a recovering cancer patient. I was diagnosed with lung cancer (stage 3). As soon as I came to know, on the recommendation of friends and my family doctor, I went to Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. The first cycle of chemotherapy and radiation went very well and I am declared cancer-free. However, due to the high risk of relapse and the need for close and careful continuous care, my doctor advised me to undergo immunotherapy (Inge Durvalumb), a drug that is not manufactured in India and therefore needs to be imported. Due to this, we had to spend a huge amount. Seeing our situation, and knowing well that this therapy would help me, my doctor asked me to apply for it from ALLEVIRE INDIA. I contacted Mr. Kamal to import his medicine. This has been an important boost in my recovery process. I am able to perform and perform my tasks to an extent that exceeds my expectations. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to ALLEVIARE INDIA in particular, and Mr. Kamal in particular for leading me to his most efficient and compass ionate service. I am grateful to this team of dedicated, prompt,