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Indian Generic Medicines

Alleviare Life sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a consulting pharmaceutical company specialized in providing medicines under Indian Generic Medicines/Manage Access Program. If you have question, please e-mail Allevaire Indian Team or call Allevaire India on +91-9818274099 (Mr. Kamal Kaushal) for further details.

Oncology (N-Z) Products

Our range of products in Oncology therapy area comprises of almost all cytotoxics, Hormones, Targeted therapies which have been approved by DGCI India. Needless to mention these brand are of companies having very decent marketing and manufacturing clout in India. To mention DRL, Sun Oncology, Hetero, Panacea so on and so forth. We have been catering to the needs of a quite sizeable number of patients in India and take pride in presenting ourselves as nearly perfect in customer and patient service.