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Alleviare Life sciences Pvt. Limited (India), is a pharmaceutical distribution and marketing company based in Delhi (INDIA) having operations, Pan India. If you have question, please e-mail Allevaire Indian Team or call Allevaire India on +91-9818274099 (Mr. Kamal Kaushal) for further details.

There are certain life-saving drugs which are not available or registered in India or many countries worldwide. The Indian government has created a provision for granting access to these medicines prior approval for patients who have exhausted all alternative treatment options for medicines. These types of medicines are grouped under the label of Named Patient Program (NPP). These medicines can be procured through medicine distributors in any part of the world, with prior approval from Indian drug authority and customs department.

The role of Alleviare life sciences is to educate doctors regarding the accessibility of the medicines that comes in the category of named patient program. We also assist and facilitate patients who have been prescribed, mentioned medicines, by helping them with all the documentation work required in getting medicines from suppliers from other countries.


Alleviare Life Network Services

Providing Unavailable Medicine

Ensuring convenience for the patient to purchase all imported drugs available in India at the best price.

Hope to Recover

People have the best treatment available for them and there is a high expectation that their family members have received the best medicines in the world for them.

Pioneer Brands Available

Help the patient to use Indian genuine innovative medicines that are compliant and compatible with FDA standards.

Helpful Chain Management

Make complete arrangements and precautions for proper distribution of cold chain during transit until the patient is received.